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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our quarterly newsletter!

This newsletter is aimed at professionals working in the Aviation and Aerospace Sectors.  For us this includes technical and support personnel across: Airlines, MROS’s , Helicopter operators as well as VVIP operators.

Our recruiting team works with MROS’s and operators to provide global employment opportunities and tracks the latest senior personnel change announcements in these sectors to bring you a regular summary of key corporate activity.

Our aim is to deliver an impartial quarterly briefing, providing links to some of the best third-party articles we have seen, as well as insights from specialists within our own network.

Hopefully, this newsletter provides some useful and interesting reading that helps to deliver some positivity in hard times.

Wishing you all good health and prospects as we emerge from this period together!

Lee Walker

Director – Volantes Technical Recruitment

Covid 19 - Has it Impacted Aviation and What Does This Mean for Job Seekers Moving Forward

As we have all encountered over the last few months, one of the hardest hit sectors has been the aviation industry.

Within the recruitment sector, the main Aviation industry job board, Aviation Job Search, is currently displaying a tenth of the jobs it usually posts.

During the current climate, clients have been less willing to commit to new hires or follow through with expansion plans until there is a clearer image of the future.

However, we have started seeing some promising activity which we hope to be able to relay to our readers and spread some positivity during what has been a tumultuous period for the industry – one which brings immeasurable joy and prosperity to so many around the world.

Covid's Impact Across Aviation Sectors

From March onwards, countries globally closed their borders and this had a devastating impact on the Commercial aviation sector, which came close to a complete halt with major airlines either going bust or making redundancies across the board.

Since then, the situation is slowly returning to normality and with airlines now releasing more flights and countries opening their borders – the future is starting to look much brighter.

The main question we have is: how soon can airlines get back up to full capacity?

Some experts are saying 2 years, while some say 5 years.

Let’s just hope it’s sooner than later!

The Rotary sector and VVIP sectors have been a little steadier and most of our clients have managed to tentatively move forward with plans and hires due to the nature of the work such as SAR, Air ambulance etc.

However, the Aberdeen offshore market has taken a direct hit as a result of the low oil prices. Naturally this has affected some of the operators in the area.  Due to an increase in commercial flying, the status quo will hopefully be reinstated and these companies will not be too badly hit.

Volantes Technical Recruitment has worked extensively throughout the period to bring jobs to the market in both fixed wing and rotary sectors. We will continue to do our utmost to support candidates and clients in these tough times.

We personally feel positive and notice trends indicating that day-to-day operations will return to normal sooner rather than later.

In speaking with our clients on a daily basis, they are starting to feel more relaxed about the current climate and are moving forward with recruiting the talent they require within their organization.

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